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Common Questions

Why "homemade" soap?  You'll hear lots of reasons why you should be buying homemade soap: commercial soap is bad, chemicals-chemicals-chemicals or even that you're contributing to the downfall of society by purchasing from large corporations.

Well, there is some truth to all that. Large companies don't need any more of your money, and commerical soap DOES contain artificial foam boosters and detergents that are NOT good for your skin or the ecology; plus they squeeze out all the lovely glycerin that is naturally produced in the soapmaking process. However, we prefer to tell you the good things about handmade soap, such as:

Our soaps still retain their natural glycerin- giving you better skin conditioning. Our soaps contain healthy, sumptuous oils that you will never find in a commercial bar.

We use real essential oils in therapeutic amounts - never just for label appeal. Our fragrances do not contain "pthalates", and our soaps are fresh; they never stay around long enough to gather dust.

We never try to fool you into thinking you're buying real soap when you're not. We do not use pre-manufactured bases in any of our products. All recipes are formulated right here in our workshop. 

Is "lye soap" drying? We manufacture our soaps with all kinds of goodies -from avocado and almond oils to cocoa and mango butters; all have generous amounts of pure olive oil. But, without lye, all we'd have is a big pot of butters and oils. Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is required as the catalyst to turn those goodies into bars of soap. We cure our soap batches for a minimum of SIX WEEKS to create a milder, harder bar of soap. Our recipes are carefully calculated so that no lye is ever left in a finished bar.

Does handmade soap require special care? Yes it does. Because handmade soap is created with fresh ingredients AND retains it's glycerin, you need to keep these bars out of the water between uses -they will melt if left in standing water. Buying a draining soap dish to store your handmade soap in is a very wise decision.

Will handmade soap cure eczema? Many companies, even handmade soap companies, claim that their soap can "cure" skin conditions like eczema. We do NOT claim that our soap does anything but clean. However, most people will notice a marked difference in their skin once they begin using handmade soap. Because small-batch, hand-produced soap is so gentle, it may stop the cycle of irritation that occurs when using detergents to clean your skin. Skin improvements depend on the individual.

If you have any questions about our products, please drop us a note. Visit the Contact Us page to use our submission form.


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