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Our Story


Doliber Bay Soap Co. has been in the works since the early 1990s, when I first started adding essential oils and botanicals to store bought body products. After learning of the amazing effects, not only of herbs and botanicals on the body and mind, but also the negative effects of commercial products, I launched myself into the world of handmade personal care.

After years of studying, formulating, testing and reformulating, I felt ready to share my results with friends and family - and even I was shocked at how well they liked my soaps. In 2005, we attended our first market; sold a bar of soap and Doliber Bay Soap Co. became a reality.

Shortly thereafter, my little family relocated from our cherished home in New England to set up in Mansfield, Texas. We registered our business with the State of Texas in 2009, and have been going strong ever since; with Historic Mansfield as our new treasured home.

While we run our business in Texas, and love where we are right now, we will forever be Yankees, and operate with the integrity born of New England soil.



A little family history; the name Doliber comes to me through ancestors on my father's side. It has been passed down for generations, and is a source of pride as the Dolibers were the first founders of Marblehead, Massachusetts - along with the Peach family. There is a little cove -still- off the shores of this great town called Doliber's Cove; it is the inspiration for my company name.



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