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"The best thing I ever did was to order a whole log to ensure a steady supply of my favorite "Jesus freak" soap. I love love love your soap and so does everyone in our family! I need to order another log to make sure I don't run out."

"I have really sensitive skin and it never breaks me out; never dries my skin and it's natural."

"It does seem like that old-fashioned soap. We bought this (Simple Goat's Milk) because it has no scent to it -and it feels so good to wash with." 

"My husband has battled severe skin allergies for decades and has to be super careful about what kind of soap he uses. Doliber Bay's You Big Baby leaves him clean and smelling fresh. He loves it! Thank you, Doliber Bay!"

"I can't believe how good my skin feels all day, no dry, flaky or greasy feeling after a shower. I've now got my daughter hooked so I'll be ordering again, soon."

"I purchased the Manly Beard Oil for my teenage son and his immediate comment "this smells good" and he's actually USING the product. His beard is already softer and is combing nicely. I highly recommend this product for the men in your house."

"I love the Doliber Bay hand-made soaps. I have tried 4 now, and really love all of them."

"I left my purse in the car yesterday and couldn't figure out why the car smelled so danged good. Finally realized that I had some of your soap samples in my purse from the market on Saturday."

"So now I've got a bar of your soap, on a teak rack, by the sink. I wash my hands like I used to, pre-pump-bottles, and my hands are soft and not cracked. I can't believe it took me this long to figure that out. Thanks!"

"The peppermint soap smells so good. I can't wait to use it!"

"This was my first purchase and I was not disappointed. The Cuppa Joe smelled wonderful and it was such a luxurious feel about it. I will definitely be ordering more!"

"I had some kind of flaky skin on my nose and some dry skin on my elbows; after using this soap (Neem Facial Bar) both areas have cleared up. I tried several other ways to fix it and the only thing that worked was this soap. Thank you."

"I love your soap."



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